Lagos Government Warns Against Poisonous Plantain Chips

Lagos Government Warns Against Poisonous Plantain Chips

Lagos Government Warns Against Poisonous Plantain Chips

The Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA) has issued an advisory to consumers regarding the consumption of fried plantains, commonly known as “plantain chips.”

This caution comes in response to a viral social media report alleging unwholesome practices in the processing of these snacks.

The report in question, authored by a social media user, claimed to have witnessed a woman melting polythene (also known as rubber or nylons) into the hot oil used for frying plantain chips, purportedly to harden the chips.

This practice, if true, could pose significant health risks to consumers.

In a statement released late Tuesday on the official handle of the Lagos State Government, LASCOPA urged consumers to be vigilant when purchasing plantain chips.

The agency emphasized the importance of being aware of how these snacks are processed to avoid potential health implications.

The statement read, “A statement issued by the Agency today stated that the advice was necessary given the viral online picture posted by an eye witness showing a “plantain chips” seller allegedly adding Polythene known as “Rubber” into the hot vegetable oil used for frying the plantain.

“LASCOPA expresses deep concern about the health implications this may have on consumers.

“In light of this alarming discovery, the agency, therefore, advised all consumers to exercise caution and be vigilant about where they purchase their plantain chips in order not to ignorantly expose themselves to any harmful substances or preventable food poisoning.

“The Agency is presently investigating this discovery and will take appropriate actions to protect consumers and hold accountable those responsible for the dangerous practice.

“Meanwhile, members of the public are urged to assist in calling the attention of appropriate government agencies including LASCOPA to all unfriendly and unlawful practices among sellers of consumable items that can put the health of consumers at risk.

“LASCOPA is located at No 2B, Soji Adepegba Close off Allen Avenue Ikeja with Annex offices situated within Badagry Local Government Secretariat, Bariga LCDA, Ikorodu Local Government and Ikoyi-Obalende LCDA.

“The Agency can also be contacted via email at or or through the following phone numbers: 08124993885, 09064323154, and 08092509777.”

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