Breaking: LASTMA Sacks 11 Officers Over Extortion, Bribery

Breaking: LASTMA Sacks 11 Officers Over Extortion, Bribery

Breaking: LASTMA Sacks 11 Officers Over Extortion, Bribery

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has terminated the appointment of 11 of its officials due to accusations of extortion and bribery.

The details regarding their identities and ranks were not disclosed.

The dismissals followed a disciplinary panel session where 12 LASTMA officials were reviewed for various offenses, including corruption and absenteeism. One official was found innocent and exonerated.

The Director of Public Affairs and Enlightenment at LASTMA, Adebayo Taofiq, confirmed the dismissals.

The panel included the Acting General Manager of LASTMA, Bakare Oki Olalekan, and three permanent secretaries.

The panel’s recommendations have been sent to the State Civil Service Commission for approval, adhering to the Public Service Rules.

Taofiq said, “The panel recommended various punishment ranging from dismissal, reduction in rank and immediate termination of appointment.

“While 11 officers were found guilty of corrupt practices levied against them, only one officer was exonerated by the panel.

“The Acting General Manager also read the ‘Riot Acts’ to all Comptrollers, Commanders and Zebras of the agency. He warned that stiffer and severe punishment would be meted on corrupt Officers. This effort is to weed the agency of the few bad elements tarnishing its image.

“We hereby call on residents especially motoring public to support the Agency in the on-going restructuring by promptly reporting any errant Officers via any of the Agency’s complaints hotlines (08100565860, 08129928503, 08129928515 & 08129928597) with proof of evidence.”

He further stated that the general manager advised all officers of the agency to always carry out their duties without fear or favour in accordance with the stipulated laws guiding the authority, stressing that any operative caught in the process of bringing the Agency or the government into disrepute shall equally face the consequence.

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