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Ova Lagos online Portal for everything lay lay lay laaaagos, a.k.a Eko, Las Gidi, Lagos is the most populous city in Africa, and Its capital is IKEJA.

Motto: "Center of excellence"

Fun Things to do in Lagos

  • Ride in a Keke
  • Checkout Nike Centre for Art and Culture
  • Freestyle Lekki Conservation Centre
  • Relax at Tarkwa Bay

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Experience the Vibrant Nightlife of Lagos: Top Places to Explore After Dark

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Where and How to buy or sell in Lag

Lagos is one of the major cities to promote your businesses to reach out to a wide of audience in the country.

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Ova Lagos is the online social hub of Ova & Co in Lagos. Ova with the team and correspondents will do our best to keep you updated on everything lay lay lay, Laaaaaagos.


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